Festive Couture Floral

The Process

The Process



The process of assembling your event begins with a consult where we will assist you in taking all of the disparate elements of style and inspiration that you have and help you to create a cohesive vision.  The spark and fervor comes from you and we are here to help you turn them into a plan for the kind of the space that you would like for your guests to inhabit.  Our team of experts will assist you in choosing the best layout and design and the best quality materials most befitting your vision.  As part of the process our artist will supply you with a detailed rendering which will be a representation of your ideas, and a glimpse of your special night.


Once we have helped you to formulate a plan, our team will present you with a detailed proposal.  Each personalized proposal contains a complete breakdown of each element of the presentation and the costs associated with them.  Once you have approved the proposal we will begin the detailed work of turning your inspiration a reality.


The next step in realizing your vision is a full mock-up of your designs crafted by our team of artists.  This will allow you to visualize the space that you and your guests will inhabit on the night of your event.  This is our opportunity to review with you all of the design elements, including all floral and draping choices, and make any adjustments that might be required.  Once the mock-up is approved we can begin the process of turning your plans into a reality.


Utilizing the mock-up and the inspiration provided by clients our artists will being the process of assembling all of elements necessary to build-out your vision.  At this stage the arrangements will be made for rentals, linens, lighting and your floral requirements and our craftsmen will construct all of the custom pieces to your exacting specifications.  All of these items will be created, staged, and stored in time to be loaded and moved to your venue.


Our logistics experts will determine the most efficient and effective way to load and transport your event materials to the venue.  Careful preparation will facilitate the speedy unloading and construction of your designs.  Every detail of your set-up; floral, furniture, draping, audio visual and others will be supervised and assembled by our team of experts.

Guest Experiences 

Your vision and our years of experience finally come together in the moment that your guests being to arrive.  Your guests will spend their evening wrapped in your vision of the perfect celebration.  Our team will stage manage the entire presentation so that attendees see nothing but the effortless execution of your special day.

Clean Up

When the night is over and your guests have departed out staff will strike the set and return the venue to its original state.  Our goal at the end of the night is to see our clients leave satisfied in the knowledge that they gave their family and guests a night that they can reflect on for years to come.