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Festive Couture Floral was formed in 2003 to wed the talents of some of the most extraordinary artists in the St. Louis area.  A decade on and Festive Couture Floral is an award winning collective of artists, designers, and logisticians who are experts in floral, lighting, draping, rentals, event design and execution.  Our hard earned reputation for superior customer service springs from our belief that even an exemplary artistic vision is not enough to ensure success, a successful event and a satisfied client are the result of conjoining artistic vision with the resolute confidence needed to execute every detail of that vision.  We believe that close collaboration with our clients, from the beginning of the process to the end, is the only way to ensure that clients can realize their perfect event.  We also believe that the most important part of the collaboration is on the day of the event when execution is totally in our hands and your task is to soak in the success of your vision.  Our committed team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of new trends and methods in design and we guarantee that each staff member who attends to your needs is an expert in their field.  Festive Couture Floral is the St. Louis leader in entertainment design and implementation and we would be honored to assist you in planning your special day.



Frankie Peltier AIFD CFD

Prior to founding Festive Couture Floral in 2003 Frankie Peltier apprenticed and developed his skills at a score of prominent design shops throughout the St. Louis area in the process becoming accredited in floral design.  Frankie founded Festive Couture Floral with the goal of joining the remarkable talents that he had encountered in St. Louis into a single team of visionary artists.

Frankie Peltier AIFD CFD is recognized throughout the region as a singular talent and leader in the floral and wedding industry.  He has had the honor to serve as president of the Illinois State Florists' Association and to serve on various boards of the American Institute of Floral Designers.  Frankie has dedicated his professional life to the furtherance of the industry and the satisfaction of his clients.

Email: Frankie@FestiveSTL.com


GABRIELLE ZAFFIRO / Event Designer and Producer

As a Floral & Event Designer, Gabrielle first got her start working at a plant shop in high school. In the 18 years since then, her career lead her to Portland, OR, where she worked as Floral Buyer for a national organic grocer. She then developed an interest as a designer at independent floral boutiques, and eventually, to the role of Senior Designer at one of Portland’s premier floral & event design studios. After a relocation closer to home, Gabrielle has enthusiastically joined Festive’s team- bringing her West Coast style and passion for combining interesting colors and textures, with her.

Email: Gabrielle@FestiveSTL.com


JACOB NORTON / Event Designer and Producer

It takes many hands to bring a Festive Floral Event to life; and for the past three years Jake has brought years of wedding experience to the team.  Jake is well known in the St. Louis event industry for his role at Festive and his numerous accolades in the event marketplace. He was recently named the industry’s “Rockstar of the Year” for the 2017-2018 event season. Years of experience as an event professional in the St Louis industry, Jacob has developed close friendships and bonds with other vendors, venues, and leaders, which assists in the execution of Festive Floral Events through teamwork and communication.

Contagious enthusiasm, a unique perspective, and the drive to push for new and unique designs prepares Jake to take your event to the next level. As an Event Consultant Jake always goes the extra mile to truly “WOW” not only his clients, but also their guests by raising standards and exceeding expectations.

Email: Jacob@FestiveSTL.com


STEPHANIE PAGLIA / Event Designer and Producer

Stephanie Paglia is a floral designer with an extensive background in fine arts and botany. Originally from St. Louis, she spent the last 19 years in Colorado and California where she attended several botanical studies schools and the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. When not raising her two beautiful children, Stephanie worked as a fine artist as well as a floral designer in the Bay Area at a prestigious floral shop in the cow hollow neighborhood of San Francisco. Recently she moved with her family back to her hometown of St. Louis and is bringing her laid back West coast floral style and knowledge to the Festive Team.

Email: Stephanie@FestiveSTL.com

Shaun Peltier


Shaun oversees all of the financial, personnel and media for the Festive Team. He will work his magic and make sure all of the numbers add up so the creative team can focus on you. 

Email: Shaun@FestiveSTL.com

Mark Miller


As our Creative Director and Purchasing Manager Mark brings his twenty plus years of experience in floral and event planning to each and every project that Festive Floral Couture embarks upon.  Mark’s two decades of expertise in event logistics and design make him the ideal collaborator to marshal the considerable forces at Festive Couture Floral in the service of your vision.  Mark’s commitment to each client is a guarantee that only the finest materials and elements will be employed and sourced and enjoyed by your guests.  Mark’s task is to ensure that every detail is attended to with speed and care.

Email: Mark@FestiveSTL.com


Hunter Mcvietty


Festive Floral Couture is a machine with a myriad of moving parts and Hunter is tasked with keeping all of our pre and post production projects on schedule.  As each project evolves and edges closer to the event Hunter and his team use their years of experience to deliver a memorable night for our clients and their guests.  Their hard work behind the scenes will make your event a reality and at the end of the night your guests will take home memories of a perfect affair.

Email: Hunter@FestiveSTL.com